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What is Andism?
Andism was first conceived in 2003 when we described our customers as an Andist. An Andist is someone who discovers our wide range of talents and wants us to help them with this and this and this…Andist. If you are an Andist, you pursue Andism. A new term was born.

How Can Andism help Me?
Andism is a technology company with 20 plus years of experience that we can put to work for you. One of our consultants can evaluate your current business or idea and provide details on how we can further develop your requirements.

Do I need a website?
A website is an extension of the business or idea. It should be designed to reflect the type and attitude of the business. We can assist you to develop a website to display information or provide a shopping cart to sell your products and services.

What other services do you provide?
Andism can assist you in finding capital to develop a business idea or expand to your future requirements. We can also help you find a commercial property or lease business offices.

Is Andism on any of the Social Networking websites?
Andism is on many of the popular social networking websites. Here are a few examples:Twitter Facebook Wordpress MySpace StartupSpace Linkedin Blogspot Delicious







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